Finally... a "beginner" workout that won't have you gasping for air in the first few minutes.

Feel like you have to get in shape before you "get in shape"?

Hate planks? Can’t do knee push-ups? (the “easy” version – pfft!)

Have a medical condition you have to work around?

Don’t want to stick out like a sore thumb at a typical gym cause no one there looks like you? Also, do thumbs stick out? I mean, have you ever seen a thumb and gone, “Man, that baby is sore”?


I hear ya.

Introducing 10 minute fitness classes for curvy women who want to ditch their aches and pains.

This group of classes is designed to relieve your worst back and neck pain. Ya know, from your kids hanging onto your neck half strangling you all day. They’re so adorable… until you want to smack ’em for costing you yet another stupid visit to the chiropractor.

Hip Pain

These classes are designed for those of us (*hand raised*) who sit too much and feel low back, hip, or knee pain on a near daily basis. It’s not my fault Bridgerton was so addicting I binged it in one sitting. But who knows? These classes may even *ahem* prepare you for that Sexy Time fantasy you have with Regé-Jean Page (I burn for YOU, Your Grace!)

This group of classes is designed for those of us who feel achy everywhere and have no f-ing clue where to start. “Purse shoulder”? Weird neck crick from sleeping on it wrong? Achy feet from standing all day in pretty pointy shoes? If you’re overwhelmed and want some good intro stuff that’ll hit allllll your pleasure points… come to Mama.

This is for the adventurous types – the ones who spring for the extra spicy salsa on your tacos, even with snot running down your nose and a roll of paper towels to mop up the mess. You daredevil, you! If you’re ready to up level your fitness but aren’t yet ready for “the big leagues” (looking at you, Peloton), this section is for you.

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