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In this free 20-minute joint mobility mini-class, you’ll learn five simple but little-known tricks to say “Bye Felicia” to achy joints and tight muscles forever. Even your massage therapist never made you feel this good.

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Listen to this free bite-sized guided meditation to learn the ultimate defense against pestering bosses: pretending you were far away from them. And possibly a little patience.

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My recipes taste like a five star chef prepared them, but for a fraction of the cost and time. Cause you’re tired. You work for a living. You want food in your mouth in less time than it takes to sit in a Chick-fil A drive thru in rush hour, especially when the guy in front of you is ordering half the menu and holding up the line. But you want that healthy food to taste as good and cost about the same as that Chick-fil A crispy chicken sandwich you just waited through that obnoxiously long line for. If you can relate, I’ve got you.

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Grab a glass of wine (or two) and come hang out with me on these once-a-month sessions. My delicious, I mean… delectable husband and our adorable kitties – Alexander Hamilcat and Gabby – will likely be there too. I’ll send out the recipe in that week’s email and we’ll make it together. And probably screw up at least one step in the recipe. At least it’ll taste good!

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