Mini Class

Get the 5 Tools to Relieve Pain Better, Faster, and Longer Than Ibuprofen

In this free 20-minute joint mobility mini-class, you’ll learn five simple but little-known techniques to say “Bye Felicia” to your achy joints and tight muscles forever.

Even your massage therapist never made you feel this good.

In this joint mobility mini-class, you'll learn:


An ancient relaxation technique so effective, Valkyrie female warriors used it in battle to keep their minds clear and bodies ready for any attack (according to Norse mythology, anyway).


An easy, free alternative to Swedish massage that most massage therapists can’t teach you, but is just as powerful at relieving even your worst deep muscle aches.


Detailed instructions for how to unlock your body’s natural pain-relieving mechanism (without having to swallow half a bottle of ibuprofen). Bonus: this mechanism is also how you can reverse arthritis and grow new cartilage in your joints.


The secret a wrecking ball can teach you about how to strengthen your joints and how you can use that technique to prevent any injury.


A trick that physical therapists use on Olympic athletes to recover from any injury in record time. Hint: you don’t need Olympic strength, speed, or stamina to use this trick.

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