Your feet are capable of:

– Carrying you over mountains

– Crossing oceans

– Leaping over canyons

– Climbing cliff-faces, and

– Dancing across rooftops

...But only if they have the necessary tools to free you from pain, injury, and endless ineffective treatments.

On-Demand Training

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Your feet are the foundation of your body. Are yours supporting you?

You might think they are, but ask yourself...

Are they feeling more wobbly/rickety/flimsy than:

– A creaky staircase in a haunted house

– A newborn giraffe taking its first steps

  An eager six-year-old trying out the new roller skates they got for Christmas… and promptly falling on their butt 

Two possible reasons your feet are supporting you worse than the $5 scaffolding at a parking lot carnival ride:

1) You have flat feet (or reeeeally high arches) and are in a never-ending search of shoes, braces, and heel inserts that’ll finally give you the support you really need

2) Your ankles are so wobbly you’re constantly injuring yourself and have spent countless weekends on the couch with a sprained ankle

But it doesn't have to be that way.

You don’t have to spend dozens of hours and hundreds (or even thousands) of dollars on expensive support devices that don’t actually help you finish your Sunday morning hike without icing your feet when you get home.

And you don’t have to sit out from your favorite dance class every other weekend because you rolled an ankle yet again walking to your car after work.

Here's a secret...

You already have everything you need to feel solid in your feet.

And I can teach you how to unlock that hidden strength and stability.

– Never roll an ankle again

– Get excited about taking the stairs instead of the elevator (no, seriously)

  Kiss your old granny-esque orthopedic shoes good-bye

– Stride down gorgeous trails instead of hobbling across parking lots

– Salsa dance confidently at the front of the class

– Try that stand-up paddleboard you’ve had your eye on for months

– Book a walking tour of the French Quarter on your birthday trip to New Orleans instead of crashing in the hotel the entire time

– Trade in your ibuprofen and tea for trail mix and… well, still tea

– Stand on tip-toe to reach your favorite coffee mug every morning instead of making your partner get it for you

This video training will show you how to reverse decades of chronic pain and tissue damage in your feet in just 2 hours of instructional exercise videos.

Note: all sales final

- Why your nervous system acts like an on/off switch for pain relief and which setting you need to have turned on

- What Star Wars can teach us about pain relief when it comes to massage

- The 6 types of foot stretching and why using different methods matters for pain relief

- How you can reverse years of joint damage in your feet in your feet and ankles with just one move

- How to use the training secrets of Olympic athletes to make your mobility work 10-20x more effective

- The best way to reverse decades of pain and dysfunction in your feet, ankles, and even your whole body

– 4 powerful breathing exercises and when to use each to optimize foot mobility

– How to use the breathing exercises and incorporate them into your mobility routine

– A go-to list of R&R activities you can do to supercharge your breathing exercises

– How you can use massage to unglue your foot and ankle muscles for maximum pain relief

– How and when to use massage techniques to increase mobility

– When to leave massage to the professionals (spoiler: it’s not when you think)

– How to use foot stretches to reduce pain (even if stretching has hurt in the past)

– The right times to use the different stretches throughout your week

– How to build a fantastic mobility routine customized for you and your unique needs

– The real reason our joints break down over time (hint: it’s NOT because you’re getting older)

– The lie the medical industry has told us for decades about joint pain (it’s normal to feel pain as we age) and what we can do about it

– How we can inject WD-40 into our joints to lubricate them naturally (it’s not as gross as it sounds, I promise)

– Why it’s not your fault your body doesn’t function properly, and why you weren’t born with dysfunction

– Why your body is like your 20-year old saxophone from high school collecting dust in storage

– The best way to reverse decades of pain and dysfunction in your feet, ankles, and even your whole body

– 7 Done-For-You Foot and Ankle Mobility Routines so you can get started right away

– DIY Mobility Routine formula so you can customize your own

– Detailed guidance on exactly when and how often to do mobility work for maximum results

Note: all sales final

Note: all sales final

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