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Scarlet Society Podcast – November 2022 – Finessing Fitness to Feel Strong and Sexy After 40

Book me to write

While I started my career as a fitness trainer, I also work as a freelance writer. You could say I’m multi-passionate – it makes life more interesting that way.

I specialize in medical writing, wellness, senior living, outdoor recreation, and the wine industry. (Have I mentioned I make wine as a hobby – SO much fun!)

I primarily like to write articles (both short and long-form), marketing emails, general marketing copy, and web copy. The one area I steer clear of is social media – I haven’t had a social media account since 2011 so I could have better mental health (and yes, I feel much better without it in my life). Also, the conversion rates for social media marketing are terrible, averaging around 3%. Email marketing has WAY better conversion rates at 15-20%, so that’s where I like to focus my energy.

Rates start at $0.30-$0.50 per word, depending on the length, complexity, and research needed to complete the project.

Have a different idea of what you’d like me to talk about? Send me the details at lindsay@lindsaywenndt.com 

Book me to speak, teach, or get the crowd fired up at your next live event

So you’re thinking about having me as a guest on your show, event, or publication? Cool!

Before I transferred my business online, I was regularly booked as the “hype girl” for big fitness events and conferences (i.e. I led both the main event workouts and the warm-up to get the crowd going before sitting for 8 hours in uncomfortable hotel ballroom chairs – side note, why hasn’t someone yet invented a comfortable conference chair? Someone get on that, stat.)

I’m available to speak on a podcast, lead a workshop or masterclass, or just lead a workout (it’s my jam – specifically blackberry jam with the seeds still in it).

Available topics include:

– Hiking and caring for feet and ankles

Extra supportive boots, ankle wraps, orthotics, compression socks… Aaah! We get hammered with sales offers for the next “thing” that’ll finally give your feet the support they need. But what if I told you you don’t need a product – you have all the support you already need in your feet, you just need to learn how to train them. Join orthopedic specialist Lindsay Wenndt as she dives deep on foot and ankle health and what you need to be doing to get them ready for your next 10-mile mountain hike.

But what about my knees?? 5 quick and easy fixes to relieve your worst knee issues

So many of us curvy ladies struggle with achy knees when walking and especially when squatting. But doctors and physical therapists only ever seem to recommend one solution: lose weight. What they don’t tell you? Not only will it not necessarily help, but it won’t fix the root cause of your knee pain. Orthopedic specialist Lindsay Wenndt is here to give you 5 quick and easy tricks to relieve your worst knee issues. Feel free to shred the number for your physical therapist.

– The fitness industry isn’t immune: tales of being bullied as a curvy fitness instructor… by your colleagues

Join curvy fitness instructor Lindsay Wenndt as she spills all the tea about being a leader in the fitness industry and standing up for the need for more plus-size representation. Especially when it meant standing up to colleagues, bosses, and even clients.

– Getting your hips ready for your first squat: 3 mobility exercises to do NOW to open your hips

We all know to build up strength in our legs and glutes to have good squat form, but what about your hips and joints? What if the problem isn’t strength, but whether your hips can physically get into the right place? Join orthopedic specialist Lindsay Wenndt as she gives you 3 mobility exercises to do NOW to get your hips ready for your first squat.

Have a different idea of what you’d like me to talk about? Send me the details at lindsay@lindsaywenndt.com

Media Bio

Lindsay Wenndt is a nationally certified health coach and fitness instructor, with specialty certifications in senior fitness and orthopedic health (a.k.a. joint pain). She’s the founder of Break Free Fitness, a curvy women’s health and fitness company that reserves 10% of its membership and coaching packages as scholarships for low-income women. 

Lindsay has taught more than 10,000 classes to women on topics such as reversing arthritis, exercise modifications for curvy women, and staying healthy while aging.

You can find her at lindsaywenndt.com or strolling the streets of Atlanta hunting for historic houses to restore, practicing German long-sword fighting, or curled up on her sofa with her two cats reading the newest Sarah J. Maas novel.


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