You do everything for others. It's time someone said thank you.

That's why I give away 10% of my services as scholarships to those who need it most.

High quality healthcare should be readily available to all, regardless of economic class. Unfortunately in the US, good healthcare is typically only available to those who can afford it.

Access to good healthcare – at least in my book – means affordable access to fitness programs and facilities. It means physical therapy to heal old injuries. It means health coaching and dietitian services for people who want to get healthy.

Insurance almost never covers these things. I think that’s a crime.

That’s why I’m dedicated to giving away 10% of my services as scholarships for those who need them most. 

These scholarships fill up quickly. If you or someone you know is interested, please don’t hesitate to contact me to see if there’s a spot available.

Please note:

The scholarships are only available for classes and my coaching program The Pain Free Movement. Workshops and on-demand trainings (i.e. Pain Free Feet and Ankles) are not eligible for needs-based rates. At the moment, the scholarships are also only available to US citizens and permanent residents aged 18 and over.

Here's how the scholarships work and who's eligible:

75% discount:

  1. Women who receive ANY form of government assistance (SNAP/EBT, section 8, WIC, etc.)

50% discount:

  1. Women who work in public service (teachers, firefighters, military veterans, etc.)
  2. Women who work full-time for a 501(c)3 non-profit
  3. Students

For everyone else, normal rates apply.

My regular rates are set at a premium so I can offer these steep discounts to those who need them the most. Every purchase helps a woman who wouldn’t otherwise have access to quality healthcare. When you purchase my products and services, you really are giving back to lift up the women in your community.

How to apply:

Simply shoot me an email ( with documentation showing your eligibility.

Examples of documentation include:

  • Letters from the Department of Child and Family Services
  • Letters from the Department of Housing
  • Employee ID
  • Military ID

I need something that states your name (i.e. the name of whoever is applying for the scholarship must be visible), your workplace or type of government benefit received, and amount of monthly assistance (if applicable).

If you work for a non-profit, I must be able to verify your workplace is an eligible 501(c)3 as filed with the IRS. You also need to submit your employee ID. Part time volunteers are not eligible, you must be a full time employee.

If scholarship spots are currently filled up, feel free to join me in my mini stretch classes every other Monday which are always free.

From revved up to wound down in 10 minutes. Every other Monday.

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