Body Positive

You found the secret treehouse! Huzzah!

I'd give you a gold star, but no one's cared about earning those since kindergarten.

What can you do with a stupid little sticker anyway? Use it to get out of a traffic ticket? “Yes officer, I was speeding because I’m really good at finding things and I was searching for the best bagel in Atlanta. See? I have a gold sticker to prove it and all.”

…Actually I should try that. It can’t hurt.

And in case you were wondering, the best bagel in Atlanta is Goldberg’s pumpernickel rye with chive cream cheese.

Here in the Secret Treehouse, from time to time I'll post updates on new programs and offerings I'm working on.

No, this page doesn’t come with a Goldberg’s bagel. Sorry I brought it up. Damn it, now I’m hungry! Who wants to go to Goldberg’s?

Enrollment opens once a year. The course is go at your own pace, and we’ll have weekly calls with the group to ask questions and receive more detailed guidance from me. 

Areas covered include: nutritional counseling, exercise guidelines, and movement therapy specifically designed for you. We’ll tackle things like sleep, how to fill your house with healthy food shortcuts to keep you from getting sick (and stop your fridge from becoming a junk food pit), and even how to stop your kids’ whining about having to eat something green that isn’t a pickle (hint: it’s easier than you think).

You’ll also get free access to my fitness classes for the length of the program, weekly group calls, and a warm fuzzy sense of community. It’s like a hug, but virtually. Because COVID.