In this free 20-minute joint mobility masterclass, you’ll learn five simple but little-known tricks to say “Bye Felicia” to achy joints and tight muscles forever. Even your massage therapist never made you feel this good.

We live in a world where learning to love your body is as insurmountable as Mount Everest.

And our health and fitness culture certainly isn’t making it any easier – obsessed with being a size 4, perfectly toned, 20-something Barbie.

But not all of us are a size 4. Or even WANT to be a size 4!

Here’s a secret…

You're allowed to live unapologetically in the body you have.

I hear you. You're sick of:

– Going to “traditional” fitness classes and being made to feel you don’t belong there

– Having your body size, shape, and ailments be ignored – or worse, made fun of – in fitness classes

– Living in a health and wellness culture saturated with inaccessible bodies, $150 yoga pants, and cringe-worthy cultural appropriation

– Needing to be young, white,  thin, or wealthy to enjoy health and fitness

Visualize this:

– Fitness that fits your body – every lump, bump, and curve

– Easy to follow workouts for beginners who have more curves or have absolutely ZERO flexibility, strength, or athleticism

– Sliding scale fitness classes that are truly affordable to all income levels

– Exercises designed to relieve: upper back pain from having big boobs, low back pain from sitting all day, and hip pain from squeezing into chairs that weren’t made to fit a curvy body

– Exercise classes specifically tailored for bigger bodies

– Step-by-step guidance on how to be healthy without losing your curves

That's what I do. I teach curvy women how to reverse their pain and learn to live unapologetically in their bodies.

Oh, haven't we met? I'm Lindsay, by the way.

I’m Lindsay. I drink a good amount of wine. It helps keep me sane.

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